We will occasionally add resources to help with common Bitcoin Cash issues developers come accross.

Livenet and Testnet

Bitcoin Cash uses two different environments. One is called livenet and the other is called testnet.

Livenet is where real bitcoins are exchanged and stored on the blockchain.

Testnet is exactly like livenet except that it uses a blockchain of fake bitcoins. Testnet is used to test bitcoin cash without risking any real coins.

The Insticce api runs on both livenet and testnet to make it easy to test without any risk.


The wallet is useful for livenet payments.

Download the app for your OS from

Once the wallet open the app and follow the instructions to set up your wallet addresses. Backup your passphrase somewhere safe.

Electron Cash

The Electron Cash wallet is useful for both livenet and testnet payments.

For now, the app needs to be passed the "testnet" argument to work in testnet mode.

We'll go through an example of starting Electron Cash in testnet mode on a mac.

Download the app for your OS from Take the time to verify the checksum matches your download.

Once Electron Cash is installed in your applications folder, open the apple script editor at ~/Applications/Utilities/Script Editor.

Run this apple script in the Script Editor to open Electron Cash in testnet mode and set up a testnet wallet.

do shell script "open -a /Applications/ --args --testnet"

Getting Testnet Bitcoin Cash

If you have a wallet address set up you need some coins to start testing payments

Go to a testnet faucet, such as this Bitcoin Cash Faucet which can send some test coins to your wallet.

Address Formats

Bitcoin Cash addresses come in two main formats. The legacy format was the same as Bitcoin with Segwit (BTC).

testnet legacy address format:


livenet legacy address format:


There is a new format that is meant to help customers know they are dealing with Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin Legacy. This is the cash address format.

testnet cash address format:


livenet cash address format:


Our api defaults to the new cash address format although it also understands legacy format.

If you are using a wallet or blockchain explorer with a different format than you are using you may need to convert addresses to and from legacy and cash address formats.

Use address converters such as or or to convert addresses.


Postman is a helpful alternative for testing the api without using the command line or coding. Get Postman at or search for the chrome app. Once installed, set up a post request using the "body" tab to send JSON. See image below