We specialize in tracking and forwarding customer payments for your business. There is no sign up required. We do not require any of your personal information.

We monitor the blockchain and provide addresses to help you keep track of payments received in bitcoin cash. When your customer chooses to pay with bitcoin cash, we provide a unique payment address and you provide us with a bitcoin cash forwarding address, where you want to collect payments. You give the unique address we respond with to the customer, along with the amount of bitcoin cash you want them to pay.

We monitor the address for 24 hours for payments. All payments to the address are forwarded to you immediately. You receive the bitcoin cash within seconds of the customer making the payment.

We also send you a notification for each payment received to your forwarding address so you instantly know when a customer has paid.

Using the API

To get started make sure that you have at least one bitcoin cash address. This should be an address you control where you want to receive bitcoin cash for your business.

Once you have a bitcoin cash address you can make requests to the api. We keep track of payments and forward the payments to you automatically.

The api is running on testnet as well as livenet. You can start with testnet so that you do not risk any bitcoin cash to get started. You can fully test the api with your site using only testnet payments before going live and accepting bitcoin cash.

Check out the resources to learn about addresses and testnet environments.

Check out our sandbox to get a feel for the process using testnet.

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Real World Example

You have a site where multiple customers visit and choose to pay with Bitcoin Cash. For each customer you make a request to get a unique payment address from the Insticce API. You give us a forwarding address along with each request.

Insticce responds to each request with a unique address, which you then share with the customers. Each customer sends a payment to their address. Sometimes they pay the correct amount and sometimes they might not.

Insticce notifies you of each payment and how much it was for in bitcoin cash and in satoshis. You tie the address that was paid back to the customer's amount due.

If the customer underpaid by much you let them know to send the difference to their unique address. If they paid enough you thank them for the payment and complete their transaction.

The Bitcoin Cash from all of the payments is instantly available to you. Insticce automatically sent the payments to your forwarding address regardless of the amount.