The Easiest Bitcoin API

The API is off as we transition from BCH to BTC. The BCH network is hard forking often, and used for large amounts of test transactions.

We decided it is better to have a stable, slimmer network even after considering the higher fees that are sometimes charged for BTC transactions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments with a single request.

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Expert Monitoring

We monitor the blockchain and keep payments orgainized so you instantly know who has paid and how much was paid.

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Our simple api allows easy integration with no sign up. Payments received are sent to your wallet within seconds.

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One Low Rate

We use one low rate for all transactions. You never risk a chargeback.

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How it works

We give each customer a unique bitcoin address at checkout.

We monitor the block chain for payments at the unique address.

We notify you of all payments and forward the payments to your bitcoin address within seconds of each payment.

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